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Dictionaries and Thesauri 
· Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology - covering 130 fields of science 
· A collection of dictionaries covering over 15 languages 
· AltaVista Translation Service. On-line translations of text or complete WWW pages. 
· ArtLex, a dictionary of visual art. 
· Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (from 1894 edition) 
· Cambridge Dictionaries online. Online English dictionaries. 
· Dictionary.com. Offers various on-line dictionary and language services. 
· Dictionary.com. A unique reference resource offering comprehensive word and phrase definitions. 
· Encarta Dictionary from Microsoft. 
· English-French dictionary from the ARTFL Project 
· English-Spanish Library and Information Studies Dictionary This is a compilation of the terminology, both general and specific, that students and professionals generally encounter when reading library and information literature. 89,215 entries. 
· Glossary Agent (tm), access to glossaries in insurance, finance, law and healthcare 
· Grove Dictionary of Art Online, a subscription service (available to UK education via a CHEST agreement) 
· lexicool.com, directory of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries. 
· Merriam-Webster Online, access to Webster's American English dictionary and thesaurus 
· OneLook Dictionaries, search or browse general and subject-specific glossaries and dictionaries 
· The Online Plain Text English Dictionary, a public domain English word list dictionary 
· The On-line Medical Dictionary provided by CancerWEB 
· Oxford English Dictionary Online, the online version of the OED . Access is via http://athens.oed.com/ for education sites that have taken up the CHEST OED agreement. 
· Roget's Thesaurus (version 1.02) from the ARTFL Project at the University of Chicago 
· Swedish-English dictionary from Lexin (Swedish National Agency for Education) 
· Thesaurus of Geographic Names from the Getty Information Institute 
· travlang's Translating Dictionaries, a service from the US company travlang 
· Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus, an American English resource 
· xrce Language Identifier Key in text to identify which language it is written in (47 languages are included) 
· yourDictionary.com (formerly Web of On-line Dictionaries) links to many dictionaries, thesauri and other language resources. 
Reference Works 
· Acronym Database - a source of general acronyms and abbreviations, based in Ireland. 
· Acronym Finder - for computer, technology, telecommunications and military acronyms. 
· Acronym Search - a source of general acronyms and abbreviations. 
· AllRefer.com Educational resource provides a comprehensive collection of reference, encyclopedia, health, gazetteer, country studies, and educational databases. Includes more than 150,000 articles on topics covered under health, history, science, people, places, arts, sports, plants, animals, technology, philosophy, religion, literature, and more. 
· AllRefer Reference Browse articles in all areas of topics within Earth & Environment, History, Literature & Arts, Health & Medicine, People, Philosophy & Religion, Places, Plants & Animals, Science & Technology, Social Science, Law, Sports, Everyday Life, and more. Includes Country Studies and North America Gazetteer. 
· Bartleby.com (Reference section) - online versions of reference works (including 1918 edition of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body) 
· Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - search this database of quotations based on the original collection by John Bartlett 
· Britannica.com - includes Encyclopædia Britannica 
· Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar - dates for Orthodox and Western Easter 
· The Catholic Encyclopedia - an online version (not yet complete) of the 1913 printed edition 
· Classic 164 Currency Converter - a service from OANDA Inc. 
· Date and Time Gateway - discover the local time in countries and cities world-wide 
· De Imperatoribus Romanis - an online encyclopedia of the rulers of ancient Rome 
· Diccionarios en internet - a directory of reference works in English or Spanish 
· 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica - access to the articles from the 1911 edition 
· Encyclopedia.com - a first-stop Internet encyclopedia 
· Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics - a subscription service from the Nature Publishing Group (available to UK education via a CHEST agreement) 
· Encyclopedia of Life Sciences - a subscription service from the Nature Publishing Group (available to UK education via a CHEST agreement) 
· Encyclopedia Mythica - an encyclopedia on world-wide mythology, folklore and magic 
· International Dialing Codes - a table listing of telephone country codes and international prefixes 
· Internet FAQ Archives - a compilation of Usenet Frequently Asked Questions postings 
· The Internet Grammar of English - an online course in English grammar from University College London 
· Measuring Units Conversion Tables - for conversion from/to metric and imperial and US measurement systems. 
· The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy - a widely used general medical text (April 1999 edition) 
· Oxford Reference Online: the Core Collection - cross-searchable resource including dictionaries, thesauri, language reference works, subject dictionaries and general reference works, from Oxford University Press. (Available to UK education at subsidised rates.) 
· The PC Technology Guide - a guide to the technology underlying the personal computer's major components and peripherals 
· Perpetual Calendar - a perpetual (Gregorian) calendar for the Western World 
· Place Name Servers on the Internet - links to resources world-wide 
· Portals to the World - links to information about the countries of the world, from the Library of Congress 
· Postcode Finder - lets you find postcodes in the UK, from Consignia (Royal Mail) 
· The Quotations Page - a US service with a search facility 
· Refdesk.com - a US service offering a single source for facts via the Internet 
· Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - an ongoing dynamic online resource from Stanford University 
· UN Atlas of the Oceans - an Internet portal providing information relevant to the sustainable development of the oceans 
· Universal Currency Converter" - convert currencies from one to another using a simple form 
· V.E.R.A. - the Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms lets you search for computer-related acronyms and other terms. 
· xrefer - an online reference engine incorporating encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and more. 
· Webopedia - a dictionary and reference site for computer and Internet technology information. 
· whatis.com - a reference site for a range of information about computing and the Internet 
· World Clock - tabular format displays local time in key locations world-wide 
· World Factbook - 2002 edition (published by the CIA) The information for each country includes: total area, boundaries, climate, disputes, population, political system and economy. 
· WORLDTIME - rotate an image of the globe to see which parts are in daylight and also discover local time 
· The American Revolution and its Era - Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789 
· Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping - a collection of links to do with maps and related online resources 
· Greenwood's Map of London 1827 
· Landmap - satellite image and elevation maps of the UK (available to the academic community in the British Isles) 
· MapBlast! - street maps of the USA (you enter a street address) 
· MapQuest - street plans and driving directions in the US and Europe 
· Map collection - including a map of the UK (317K). This collection, the Perry-Castañeda Collection, holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world and also includes the maps for European countries and a map of the World 
· Multimap.com - for detailed maps of Great Britain (can be searched via postcode), and maps of Europe and the world 
· old-maps.co.uk - UK maps dating back to 1846 from Landmark Information Group 
· Streetmap - Post Code searching and street maps online for the whole of mainland Britain 











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