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About In-House Training

Welcome to this site dedicated to In-House Training. The domain name which is in Chinese stands for In-House Training.

Here you can find the information you need for your in-house training sessions, the programs, how to organize in-house training, also some material on traditional Chinese culture can be found on this site, such as the Art of War. I have extensive experience working with and for Fortune 500 and other great MNC's and I believe that if we want to implant what have so far been so successful in western Fortune 500 companies here in China, we must never forget the ground, the soil in which the companies are rooted. With successful business experience of fortune 500 western companies, we can turn the Book of Change and Confucian Analects business textbooks.

This site is mainly in Chinese. Some contents are in English and some are in French.

You can find more about me at Herbert ZHANG ZhiYong

You can find more on training here Training

Of course, there is always a better way, that is,  contact me directly

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